Work packages

Relation between workpackages


The engAGE project is composed by 5 work packages. These are:

WP1 Technology development and integration 

WP1 is devoted to the development of technology foreseen for coaching and supporting the cognitive function of older adults with MCI. It encompasses the development and fine-tuning of the technological services including robot-based programming, and their integration into a complete engAGE system prototype. This WP will be closely aligned to WP2 (co-creation) and WP3 (testing and evaluation) and will serve the commercialization and business requirements of WP4. Ensure that Ethics by Design is integrated in all tasks.

WP2 End-user continuous involvement and co-creation 

WP2 focus is the involvement of end-users in all phases of system development and testing including the a) co-creation phase, b) system design, development and fine-tuning and c) provision of information for the development of dissemination and exploitation strategy. Ensure that Ethics by Individual is integrated in all tasks.

WP3 Testing and Evaluation 

WP3 will evaluate engAGE system characteristics, usability, and impact. Compliance with user needs (acceptance, functionality & safety) and impact (potential for adoption, market potential, implications for cognitive state) will be tested in-lab and real-life settings. Also, commercialization potential, positioning and correlation with different market drivers will be assessed (e.g. willingness to pay). Ensure that Ethics by Individual will be integrated in all tasks.

WP4 Dissemination & Exploitation strategy 

WP4 is devoted To raise public awareness on the results and receive feedback; To ensure wide outreach of the results and share best practices; To issue reports, articles and other dissemination material and to participate in networking activities; To support exploitation of results, analysing the market characteristics and its potential; To define an appropriate exploitation and commercialization strategy; To carry out business planning activities that will allow taking results to the market in 24 months after the project end. Ensure that Ethics by Context is integrated in all tasks.

WP5 Project Management 

WP5 is devoted To monitor the scientific and technical progress of the project; To establish an effective project management structure to plan, monitor and coordinate the project; To take care of the financial management and to perform risk management; To promote efficiency and quality of work in the project and provide administrative and scientific coordination; To manage ethical and social issues, gender aspects and intellectual property right (IPR); To report and maintain liaisons with the AAL CMU and to assure networking with other AAL projects.