engAGE illustrationThe goal of the engAGE project is to combat and slow down cognitive decline progression, to enhance the intrinsic capacity of the users, and supporting the wellbeing of older persons with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) by providing an ecosystem of services based on an innovative platform that integrates social robots, IoT-based monitoring, and machine learning techniques. 

For primary end-users the following services will be provided:

  • Theatre and storytelling
    • improve the quality of life and well-being allowing them to preserve their identity, to reduce stresses, memory loss, or communication challenges. The social robot can be a great tool in engaging older adults in this kind of activity. It is always available and able to provide verbal clues or suggestions according to older adult's wishes, needs and memories.  
  • Help to perform daily activities
    • The social robots may coach the older adults to perform daily activities with greater independence (i.e. coaching stepwise prompting to complete activities in the home).
  • Virtual meetings with friends and family