Primary end-users

Primary end-users are older adults with minor cognitive impairment living independently in their own homes and supported by caregivers. The goal of the engAGE project is to combat and slow down cognitive decline progression, to enhance the intrinsic capacity of the users, and to support their wellbeing.

Theatre and storytelling improve the quality of life and well-being allowing the primary end-users to preserve their identity, to reduce stresses, memory loss, or communication challenges. Social robots will be developed to provide cognitive stimulation through dialog, drama playing, storytelling, virtual coaching via reminders and step-by-step instructions, and social interaction with friends and family. It will coach and support the primary end-users in self-managing some of the daily living activities by providing reminders and detailed step-by-step instructions, while at the same time it will facilitate social interaction with friends and family to achieve social-emotional goals.

It is expected that reaching these goals will lead to older adults living longer and safer independently with a good quality of life.

The involvement of primary end-users in engAGE is of ultimate importance as their feedback will be integrated in the development.

Elderly man looking at his tablet